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Environment Setup

Environment Setup Workflow is Under Development

For developer access and updates on the latest setup process, please email


BentoBox site themes are organized in three main folders and one config file:

Contains all of the template files that render your html. The templating language used is Jinja2.
Learn more about Template Basics

Contains all of the .json files that let you customize the BentoBox CMS experience for the CMS User.
Learn more about Template Configuration
Learn more about Box Configuration
Learn more about Wireframe Configuration

Contains all of the static assets (js/css/images) that are used in your site theme.
Learn more about Assets

Contains the core site theme configuration options such as Navs.
Learn more about Theme Options

Get Started With Our Boilerplate Theme

Version Control and Deployment

All code updates is managed through a git server hosted at When you commit and push, all of your changes are automatically deployed on the BentoBox servers.

To speed up development and avoid having to commit/push every time to preview a change, you can connect to our FTP server to manage a theme's files.

FTP is for Preview Only

All changes to files that are made through DropBox or FTP are shown only at the url <name of site>

To push a change to production, you MUST use git.

In order to set up Git or FTP - go to your "Developer Settings" page after logging in to your account.

Preview vs Production

All BentoBox sites are available either at <name of site> and <name of site>

Each environment (production, preview), reads theme files from a different directory, but the data is shared between them. You can develop and test your theme on the preview environment without having to worry about affecting production, however any changes to the underlying data made using the CMS will affect both environments.

Environment Setup