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Bentobox extends Jinja2 with the following custom filters.


Use the static filter to reference a file in the theme's assets folder. Check out Assets for examples and more information.


Use the scss filter to reference a SASS file in the theme's assets folder. It will be compiled and output as a css file. Check out Assets for examples and more information.


Use the date filter to format date strings for display. Refer to Python's strftime directives for the code to supply the filter's parameter.

e.g. if current.created equals 2015-08-20, the following will output August 20, 2015.

{{ current.created|date('%B %d, %Y') }}

resize(width=1200, height=None, fit='max')

Use the resize filter on image URLs. Height and Possible values for fit are clamp, clip, crop, facearea, fill, max, min, and scale. If this is being used with a static asset, call the static filter before the resize filter.

As a shorthand, you may also use the following filters:

  • thumbnail - for a width of 100
  • small - for a width of 300
  • medium - for a width of 600
  • large - for a width of 1000
  • xlarge - for a width of 1800


Gives you access to the original image without any compression / resizing applied.

Jinja2 Builtin Filters

Jinja2 offers a wide variety of useful built-features. Refer to the official Jinja2 documentation for more information.