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Template Configuration

Templates are configured in a json file with a name matching it's corresponding template. For instance, /templates/about.html would be configured by /config/about.json

These config files also define Custom Fields and Wireframes.

A template's custom fields are accessible when editing a page via the Pages/Nav panel in the administrator's panel. If a wireframe is defined, fields not in sections targeted by the wireframe will be contained in a Page Settings modal when editing the page.

This is a sample configuration file for an About template, which would be located at /templates/about.html, that uses all settings currently available. It renders an "Intro" section at the top of the wireframe, and a list of each of the location boxes below it. All of these settings are optional.

   Sample About Template Configuration File

  name: "About Template",
  /* The name of this template, as displayed in the Pages/Nav
     section of the administrator's panel when creating a page. */
  fields: {
    intro: {
      type: "section",
      title: "Dinner Menu",
        /* This specifies the text displayed on the wireframe box. */
  		items: {
        title: "text",
        content: "wysiwyg"
  /* Custom fields that are editable via the Pages/Nav section
     of administrator's panel where ever this template is in use.
     The assigned values can be referenced in this template at
     {{ current.fields }} See the "Custom Fields" section of the
     documentation for more information. */
  /* A wireframe interface definition for this template. See the
     "Wireframes" section of the documentation for more information. */
  exclude_from_nav: false
  /* OPTIONAL: For pages that are partials or macros, it is important
     to hide them from available selections when users try to create a new page.
     Setting this value to 'true' will ensure this template is not shown in any
     dropdown in the Create Nav Item page. */

Template Configuration