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Theme Options

Themes for BentoBox use JSON files for custom configuration. You can use these files to create navs, define boxes, create wireframes for your templates, and add custom fields. Please note that custom theme fields are currently only accessible only to developers in the Bentobox CMS.

Themes are configured in a JSON file included in the base directory of your theme: /config.json

This is a sample configuration file for a theme that uses all settings currently available. All of these settings are optional.

   Sample Theme Configuration File

  navs: [
      name: "Main Navigation", 
      /* The name of this nav, as displayed in the Pages/Nav
         section of the administrator's panel. */
      slug: "main"
      /* The slug with which you can access the contents of this
         nav in your template. E.g. {% for page in navs.main %} */
      name: "Footer Navigation",
      slug: "footer"
  theme: {
    name: "Sample Theme", 
    // The name of the theme.
    author: "The BentoBox Team",
    // The name of the theme's author.

    fields: { background_color: "color" }
    /* Custom fields that are editable in the Theme Options
       section of the administrators panel and can be referenced
       in your templates at {{ theme.options }} See the "Custom
       Fields" section of the documentation for more information
       on how to define these fields. */

Theme Options